Nature Day

Nature Day

Morning: Objective: great outdoors

Starting point: parking lot of the Condé-sur-Vire Leisure Centre
Come hike to the sound of water during a walk of about 4 km along the tow-path. Known for its tranquillity and beauty, it takes you through our countryside for a moment of calm and tranquillity.

Arrival: The Roches de Ham
This is where our beautiful countryside will prove itself to you. From the top of this 107 m high cliff, you will discover a panoramic view of the Vire Valley and the St. Lois area.

Break: On the Roches de Ham site a, Crêperie is available to you. Take the time to gaze at our beautiful nature on an outdoor terrace and savour authentic Normandy pancakes accompanied by a corked bottle of cider.

Return to the leisure centre parking lot.


Lunch break


Afternoon: Objective: fauna and flora

Continue your nature day by exploring the Jardins d’Elle at Villiers-Fossard. A symphony of scenes over an area of 2.5 hectares. Amazing compositions! This site does not leave anyone indifferent.

To complete the day with a little poetry, take the Marsh road, another facet of our territory, direction Saint-Fromond. You’ll find the ruins of the Château de la Rivière. You will discover and admire a magical place that has, over time, become the paradise of storks.

Subject to periods and site opening hours - Non exhaustive list

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