Culture and Heritage Day

Culture and Heritage Day

Morning: Objective: Prestige

To start the day full of promises head to one of the most prestigious sites of our region. “ the Haras National de Saint-Lô “. Thanks to tours offered during the tourist season, you will discover, the history and operation of the premises. You also meet the many breeds of horses with unmatched charm on this site.

In the late morning, go explore the Remparts de la ville de Saint-Lô, you will discover a city with an eventful past.
To do this, grab the booklet “ La promenade des remparts “, available in hard copy at the Tourism Office and downloadable from our website (Brochures). This tour offers the ideal route to discover the places in a fun way.


Lunch break


Afternoon: Objective: “This Interests Me”.

The territory of Saint-Lô Agglo, offers a wide range of sites and monuments dedicated to culture. Here are a few afternoon suggestions, according to your interests:

  • Option 1 : Second World War

-   Discover the city of Saint-Lô, which was once called “the Capital of Ruins”, provided with the booklet “ Itinéraire de la libération “, available at the Tourism Office.
-    During the second part of the afternoon, you will head to the Mémorial Cobra in Marigny-le-Lozon (Marigny), with its 3 showrooms, documents and videos, you will understand the impact of these dark in the territory.


  • Option 2 : Discover the Métiers d’Antan

-    Come and experience the daily lives of our ancestors at the Musée du Bocage Normand. Using 3 exhibit levels, the museum offers an approach to the rural society of the territory from the 19th century to today.
-    Your afternoon will continue with Musée de la Vannerie in Rémilly-sur-Lozon, in which you will catch a glimpse of imbued knowledge in local memory.  


  • Option 3 : Artistic Awareness

-    For starters, discover the Saint-Lô Musée des Beaux-Arts, a museum consisting of arrays of paintings, from the 17th to 20th century, by artists of diverse origins
-  Next, you will continue the afternoon with sculptures. By heading to Cerisy-la-forêt, as you walk, you can admire a series of stone sculpted works by international artists at various symposiums.

Subject to periods and site opening hours - Non exhaustive list

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