Across the years

Across the years

1944 - Across the years...

The battle for Normandy was decisive for France and the success of the American, British & Canadian soldiers on the landing beaches in the summer of 1944, after the initial success of D-DAY, the tangle of the conflict in the bocage commonly known as the “battle for the bocage”, the Battle of Saint-Lô and Operation Cobra was imperrative to the allied breakthrough of Normandy and thus makes our region not to be missed under any circumstances when we want to walk in the footsteps of D-DAY and beyond.

Whether it’s our memorials, our Monuments, our fun routes or our free or guided visits (real or virtual), immerse yourself in the past and discover why we should never forget such an important turning point of history.  Our schedules will allow you to catch all of the action from the various ceremonies and commemorations in the local area but also to adapt your calendar to the different events and other festivities that await you! 

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